Fixed Price MVP Development

Let's build your idea in 1-2 months for 5.000-20.000€

Free Consultation

Transparent & Predictable

You know exactly what you get and how much it will cost you.
Validate your idea with a working MVP.

Potential CTO

I am open to committing to a StartUp full time.
There is no better way of vetting a technical cofounder than working together for 2 months.

Flexible Partnership

After the initial development all options are open.
Quit the project. Quit me. Hire me for development. Become cofounders.

How it works


Free Consultation

We have a meeting and you tell me what you want to build.

We will attempt to break down your MVP scope to a level that I can achieve in 1-2 months full time.


Formal Offer

I will try to estimate your MVP some more on my own, eventually commit and send you a formal offer.

Worst case, you decline and now have one engineers detailed estimate.


We build your MVP

Yes, I said we. To be able to move at pace we will work closely together.

I need to understand your idea and requirements.
I can only build what I can understand.

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