.Net Backend SaaS Starter

Save time and focus on your business with this production-ready SaaS backend boilerplate.

Build your next project with a Vertical Slice Architecture.

Ready for web, mobile and desktop clients.

Vertical Slice Architecture

Based on FastEndpoints for basically no boilerplate feature development. Focus on Features, not philosophical discussion of where code belongs.

Metered Endpoints

Easily track how much any given user uses your api and charge accordingly. Easily manage usage statically and dynamically.

JWT / ApiKey Auth

Set up with Microsoft's Identity package. Completely customizable entities, stored in your database, easily configurable in every endpoint.

Automated Tests

Unit / Integration tests can be easily done thanks to the architecture + TestContainers. Spin up an instance of a real database and your real api to run your tests against.


Stripe integration + webhook handling for easy payments. Create checkout sessions and react to users subscribing, unsubscribing and more.

Jobs Mails Logging Etc.

Ef Core set up. Run background jobs with Hangfire. Create templated Emails with .cshml files. Log every request in a structured way.

I built Breakneck to help indie hackers and makers build their SaaS with a real backend.
AspNetCore with C# and generally all typed backend languages are criminally underutilized as MVPs.

I want to show that .NET does not have to be corporate (or corporate priced) and easily outcompetes in terms of productivity, ecosystem and developer experience.

The .net ecosystem is way too focused on clean / onion architecture.
Ditch all the layers, abstractions, domain events and focus on whats actually happening.

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Mirco Benthien

Mirco Benthien

Creator of Breakneck

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